“Premium” Water

Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth and every living thing depends on it. Yet, for so many across the globe it’s either unavailable or unclean. In the US, particularly, there have been several instances of contaminated water supplies that have gone unnoticed or purposefully neglected. Majority of the areas where this is the case are largely populated my underrepresented minorities.

With all of this, as an investor, I have found myself at odds with “premium” water investment opportunities. Much of what is touted by these brands are just ploys to drive a higher margin business because it’s no secret that bottled water sales have overtaken sales of carbonated beverages. This was most apparent this year at the Superbowl when Pepsi debuted its new LIFEWTR brand in a commercial instead of a typical Pepsi soda commercial. If companies are going to push or brand, what is in my opinion, regular drinking water as premium then maybe they should consider making serious investments in making clean drinking water available for all, either with philanthropic efforts or strategic alliances with public utilities. Just thinking aloud here.


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