Living Like An Italian

Within my first couple of weeks in Milan, the frustration set in. Significant public transportation delays, late meetings, unannounced store closings and the fact that if you miss the opportunity to eat between 11am and 3 p.m. the whole country is basically a food desert until 6 p.m. when restaurants reopen. Other frustrations involved the […]

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Semester in Milan

This semester I decided to do something “different” – at least by Wharton standards. I decided to spend a semester away at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy to focus on Luxury Business Management. I guess the bigger question is why? But I then respond by asking why not. I came to business […]

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Just Keep Going

I still can’t believe that Summer 16 is coming to an end and we are closing in on the final quarter of the year. Like, can I please atleast get a do-over for August (or all of 2016 for that matter).  Over the last week, I really started to get into a bit of a funk […]

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