Finished reading “The 5 Love Languages”

I picked up this book while grabbing a makeshift breakfast at the Hudson News within the Delta Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that was going on in my life, so I decided to do some “free reading”. I call it “free reading” because I’m not reading it out of necessity – just looking for an easy read that could potentially provide me with some random knowledge that may or may not prove helpful down the line.

So, I’m not even going to lie and say that this book was just OK – it was pretty damn good for a few reasons. First, it addresses love in a way that isn’t anchored in romantic love but just regular love. It really shares the different ways to communicate love with friends and family. Personally, I began to realize that I tend to express love in the ways that I like to receive it, which might be contrary to the ways that the people I care about most communicate love.

Secondly, just carrying this book around will cause real authentic communication about love with complete strangers. OK – yes that sounds kind of strange but it was actually dope. I legit met four or more people while I was just sitting and reading it in coffee shops and Chic-Fil-A’s who told me about how the book changed their life (and / or relationships).

Lastly, let’s just say 2016 was a “re-building” year for me (seriously). Some of my family and friend relationships have become strained because of my challenges with work and pursuit of business school. This book provided a smooth path forward for reigniting those relationships I value most.

So yes, you should cop this book. It’s definitely a quick read and I recommend for folks who are looking to strengthen relationships and perhaps take cuffin’ season to the next level.

As always,

Major Moves


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