To be completely honest, life would be completely dull if we never experienced difficult situations or setbacks (or dope travel experiences FWIW).  Not saying that life should be spent on the  struggle bus, but, in my opinion,  it’s the struggle that makes each of us truly unique.  I am a 26-year old former Investment Banker and have spent countless hours not only as an excel grunt but also as a wanderer trying to figure out my life. Whether it be taking steps to become a better writer or finding out what I was ultimately put on this Earth to do, my quest for figuring it out is in a continuous state of evolution.  This evolution takes place after each book I read, setback I experience, roadblock I find, opportunity I miss out on, moment I grasp knowledge or new idea I generate.

People call me Majors and I studied general business and finance at Florida A&M University, affectionately known as FAMU (pronounced Fam-You). I started writing to share my WHY, life lessons, ideas and thoughts on current events, and journey with my family and friends.  During summer 2015 I decided to take some extended time away from work for introspection, international travel and time dedicated towards having an impact in the community.  Was this completely necessary at age 25? Probably not, but I decided to do it now rather than down the line when I have way more responsibilities.

With that, I can say in confidence that I don’t regret my decision. So what is next for me? I now work work for a hip hop mogul doing private equity and business strategy. I am also in the MVP stage of developing a music discovery mobile app.

At the end of the day all you really need to know is that I’m just a regular guy looking to be a change agent and live life to the fullest.

Bon appetit!

Major Moves

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