Semester in Milan

This semester I decided to do something “different” – at least by Wharton standards. I decided to spend a semester away at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy to focus on Luxury Business Management. I guess the bigger question is why? But I then respond by asking why not. I came to business school to try to do something new and “different” but within a couple of months of my first year, I found myself locked down to a summer associate role at an investment bank, which was me essentially doing more of the same, considering that I spent my first three years out of undergrad working on Wall Street.

Over the summer, I knew that I wanted to really make my second year matter and go after my goal of getting a gig within a luxury or premium brand. Knowing that my resume doesn’t scream “hire me” to those types of firms that I interested in, I decided to immerse myself in the industry – and it has been worth it. Although I haven’t quite locked down my ideal post-MBA employment, I’m working every day to learn what it means to build a longstanding brand. Just to add a touch of perspective my course load looks something like this – Strategic Mindset in Luxury Business, Creativity & Management, Developing Luxury Retail, Customer Relationship Management 2.0, and Merchandising & Pricing.

To put all of this knowledge into practice, I’m working on a project with the management team of one of the most known luxury retailers on the planet to revamp key aspects of their customer experience. So with that, I guess I’m back on my path doing something “different” and it’s lit AF. I’m also super grateful that I have a supporting cast to hold me accountable to goals. So yeah – let’s get it!

-Major Moves


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