It’s been a while…

I’ve basically gone through an entire year of business school without a single post – and for good reason. Over the last ten or so months, I experienced multiple shifts in my perception of the world. In addition to those shifts, I’ve experienced a lot of changes in my life that frankly put me in a state of shock. In my opinion, when this occurs there are two things that can happen – you can withdraw and try to take it easy or you can “lean in” to the discomfort of change.  I decided to pursue the latter.

I think life is about choices. None of them is necessarily good or bad as long as a choice is made.  I don’t use some complex framework to make choices either – I rather rely on simplicity. I feel as though simplicity is undervalued these days. Maybe its a product of being young and inexperienced, but I find that my peers (even myself at times) make everything complex for the sake of complexity rather than accomplishing a said goal well. So yes, I chose to lean into my experiences in business school with a simple mindset – do more of what makes you happy.


Major Moves


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