Just Keep Going

I still can’t believe that Summer 16 is coming to an end and we are closing in on the final quarter of the year. Like, can I please atleast get a do-over for August (or all of 2016 for that matter).  Over the last week, I really started to get into a bit of a funk because all of things that I set out to accomplish in 2016 haven’t quite panned out as expected. So I turned to my family and friends and they essentially looked at me like I was crazy. They reminded me of a couple of key things 1) 2016 is not over 2) I have accomplished more than I give myself credit for and 3) how important it is to be patient.

They were absolutely right! There are still four full months left in 2016 to be great and accomplish my goals.  Even if I don’t squeeze everything in, I’ve actually learned some valuable lessons along the way. Embracing the journey on the route to a goal is a common success factor of many people whom I admire most. These same folks exhibit a level of patience that I plan to put into practice in my own life, and, like I’ve shared in previous posts, its all about trusting the process and not rushing it.

So, whatever it is that you are setting out to accomplish, don’t grow weary. Take your time. Build something beautiful. The race is not given to the fast nor to the swift but to those who endure until the end.



Major Moves


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