What is my “Why”?

I’m kind of sick of this question honestly! This question is the new way of saying “what are you passionate about”, but instead of the focusing on the “what” everyone wants to know “why”. This question comes up on talk shows, in business school applications, and within the mantras of community based organizations. I first saw this question on a test during my undergraduate study at FAMU, Florida A&M University for those unfamiliar with my alma mater.  When I saw it I first thought WTF, then I decided, as most college sophomore students do, to write as much as possible while using the biggest words that I could think of at the time. Real existentialist stuff, feel me! But as my professor collected the submissions, he simply wanted to know why you decided to take the course. Nothing more.

In the words of the great Marshawn Lynch, “You already know why I am here”. I created this blog because I wanted to share my WHY.  My WHY is unspecific, ambiguous, and frankly cannot be simplified  to just one specific thought or idea. Instead, I prefer to think of my WHY as a medium to share my experiences and life lessons with the world (or at least young black professionals).  At the tender age of 25, I have done many things that I am extremely proud and other things that, simply put, are not truly reflective of my character.  I say that because I am not perfect nor do I want you to think I portray myself as such.  I have lived in the hood, attended a historically black college, backpacked many areas of the world, worked on Wall Street, lived on my own, been unemployed, struggled with the GMAT, mentored kids, dated some great women, received many awards, renewed my spiritual connection, read countless books, wasted time, become a masterful chef, and failed at many things over and over again. This blog will touch on almost all of these experiences in one way or another.

Check out the ABOUT section to learn more about me.

Majors is my BRAND


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